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EXCEL 2 Excellence

Excel 2 Excellence Tutoring is a Florida-based company that offers tutoring services for various subjects, for Elementary, Middle, and High School level. We will assist Exceptional Education Students (ESE) and other students with learning disabilities.

Excel2Excellence Tutoring was founded by
Donovan Collins, a Math Educator with Palm Beach School District in 2017.

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Math can be challenging for students. We will unlock potential in problem-solving skills. 

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ELA tutoring is a great way to supplement your child’s education. 

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Online Worksheets:
will be available soon.

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Kindergarteners love to discover the world around them and how it works. Our tutors will help them make literacy discoveries, such as print talk written down, reading books is fun and interesting.

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Every student in different grade levels can achieve academic success, especially when they are inspired. E2E is here to give you that experience, so come and dive into learning with us.

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Tutoring Service - Hourly Rate

Monday - Friday/Afternoon - $80 Hr

Saturday Mornings - $90 Hr

We also provide services for ACT and SAT

Monday - Friday/Afternoon

Saturdays Mornings

Excel2Excellence LLC

Excel2Excellence Tutoring came into being with the concept of moving students to a higher level. The founder, Donovan Collins, was a graduate student at the Keller University of Management Graduate School. During the first year of the program, a fellow student approached him and asked for assistance in understanding the concepts from one of the courses that was going to be tested on an upcoming exam. He then started to tutor other students in math and physics as the school ask him for assistance.
With previous teaching experience in a large school district school, He discovered that he was able to connect with students and help them understand concepts in ways that their professors were unable to. 


Excel2Excellence helps students who struggle to keep up with coursework, as well as helps them develop study and learning skills that control their learning pace. They feel less frustrated and overwhelmed with their school work and more confidence and better self-esteem will lay the foundation for success in the future.    

The E2E Service

The Services of Excel2Excellence Tutoring offers a wide range of academic subjects. Sessions can be set up as private or students may form groups for tutoring both online and in person.